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The Farmers Market

Farmers market flowersMarket cucumbersFarmers market produce

It’s been a busy summer! My garden is spot on with plenty of tomatoes, hot peppers, cucumbers, squash and almost every herb imaginable.  But, I still enjoy visiting my local Farmers Market (Wooster Square Farmers Market located New Haven CT) every Saturday morning.  I sooo look forward to checking out all of the different vendors; My local Farmers Market has everything from fresh veggies and fruit to meats to fresh dairy products and even home made dog treats.   The variety of vegetables are remarkable, There is everything from lemon cucumbers (pictured above) to purple potatoes.   There are even vendors selling fresh cuts of meats, cured meats, and all varieties of meat pies.  I do love the farm fresh eggs that were gathered on this morning that are sooo fresh…the fresh baked breads…the variety of fresh cheeses, the fresh cut flowers, the glass bottled milk and glass bottled cream and homemade yogurt…and even fresh churned butter that is to die for!  Oh, the list goes on and on… check out your local Farmers Market and support your community!

Wooster Square Farmers Market

~Wooster Square Farmers Market~





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This entry was posted on August 3, 2014 by in Gardening, Stuff Worth Sharing.

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