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Wrapping Paper Cuffs

wrapping paper cuffs

Between wrapping presents or done for the season? Here is a simple solution to keep those rolled wrapping papers from unraveling when your not using them.

I used to place a small piece of tape to make sure the roll stayed secure.  But as many of you know, the paper usually rips when you try to remove the tape.  Here is a great trick and all you need is the card board roll from the end of your paper towel or toilet roll, tape and scissors.

First cut the roll length wise.


Next place a piece of tape on the inside of the roll so the sticky side is face up attached to one side.

tape roll

Now place the cuff around the wrapping paper roll and secure to the inside of the other half of the cuff.

taped roll

Now place another piece of tape on the outside of the same piece of tape covering the sticky part of the tape.

That’s it!  No more unraveling paper rolls!

Happy wrapping! (And yes, my wrapping paper shares a home with hockey sticks:))


One comment on “Wrapping Paper Cuffs

  1. The Glass Bangle
    December 11, 2013

    Great suggestion. I think I’ll use this to store the kids’ chart papers . Thnx 🙂


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