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A Puzzle Snack For Dipping


I have been doing this for so long I honestly don’t remember who showed it to me, but when a friend was over recently while I was making my daughter her lunch couldn’t get over it.  It is perfect if you also pack a dipping side like peanut butter or in my daughters case Greek Yogurt….soooo I thought it is a clever trick and everyone should know about it.

It is simple. Take an apple, orange, pear or any other round fruit and slice as I have shown below.


Gather pieces back up and place a clean rubber band around the widest part, place in a Ziploc and you’re done!   Apples will not brown using this method.  If using an orange or any other more juicy type fruits wrap with a damp paper towel before placing in baggie and you are good to go with no sticky fingers while you snack.   —Just keep in mind some boys will turn the bands into flying objects :0 if you know what I mean……


Happy back to school season!

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This entry was posted on August 31, 2013 by in Stuff Worth Sharing.

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