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Roasted Corn That Will Feed A Crowd

Corn On The Cob My Way

corn medley

This recipe is so easy, and delicious too! The veggies are ripe and the corn is at its peak!

I may have mentioned before, there always seems to be 3 or 4 teenagers in addition to my own –ALWAYS– at my house around dinner time….hmmmmm?!?. I really don’t mind, it means that my kids must like to be home. 🙂 Today is one of those days that my family of 5 has turned into dinner for 7….




That being said, translates to ME stretching my meal as large as possible by inserting more ingredients. I have used this recipe to make 4 ears of corn a wonderful side that could easily feed 10 people. This is one of those side dishes that can really go along way.

Gather up the following ingredients:

4 or 5 Shucked and Cleaned Ears of Corn

1 Large Sweet Pepper (Yellow, Orange, or Red)

1/2 Medium Vidalia Onion

1 Cup Cherry Tomatoes

Grapeseed Oil For Drizzling

2 Tablespoons Melted Butter

3 Sprigs of Cilantro Finely Chopped

2 Cloves of Garlic


Ground Black Pepper

A Large Sheet of Tin Foil (Large Enough to Hold Everything)

A Casserole Dish

Cut corn in 1 1/2 inch pinwheels and place in large bowl filled with warm water and add 1 tbsp. of salt. Let corn soak in the salted water while you slice your veggies. Slice tomatoes in half and place in small bowl, add 1/2 tsp. salt and set aside. Slice peppers and onions julienne style (strips) and place them into a large mixing bowl along with the whole cloves of garlic and cilantro. Drizzle the onion and pepper mixture with grapeseed oil very lightly. Just enough to so they do not stick together.

Use a caserole dish and line with tinfoil to form a pocket. Depending on how many ears of corn, you could make up to 3 or 4 pouches. Be sure not to over stuff your pouches and that you are able to pick them up without tearing them.

Drain the water from your corn and add the melted butter and toss . Mix well until the corn is lightly coated. Place the corn into the foil pouch and then add the vegetable mixture and then the tomatoes on top. You should have layers, do not mix up the corn and veggies. Sprinkle generously with ground pepper and close the tinfoil to create an airtight pouch. Place the pouches on the grill over medium/high heat for approximately 15 minutes. Be careful when you open the pouches, a lot of steam will be released. Transfer into a large bowl and mix well. That’s it! Enjoy!


P.S. A thanks to my Chloe, and her friends Kelly and Meredith for giving this dish a big thumbs up!

++This recipe can be used with any mixture of veggies. Also, swap out the cilantro for Rosemary or lemon thyme. Try an herbed butter on your corn…I would love to here your results.


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