eat….drink….and be merry….it makes life better!

Tarry Lodge

Ahhhhh…Food Critic…MY CALLING!!!

Tarry Lodge

Westport, CT


It’s 6:30 on a Monday night, and I have just arrived at the Tarry Lodge in Westport, Connecticut for drinks with my friend MC.  I can hardly wait to sit down and relax after a very long day! I left my house at 6:00 a.m. and now… 6:30p.m.????? more than 12 hours later?… I am sooooo looking forward to a glass of wine and some guaranteed laughs…..

Upon arrival, I was greeted by a friendly hostess and seated at the bar.  Ahhh…..finally, after a very very long day, I am able to sit, relax and enjoy a cold crisp glass of Pinot Grigio while waiting for MC.  I slowly looked around the establishment and soon realized it was empty (which is to be expected since most eateries are closed on Mondays because of slow business).  But, to me….it was perfect!  Nice and quiet, without all of the hustle and bustle of a crowded elbow jabbing environment.  This was nice, as I flipped through my BB (Blackberry) and responded to a few emails I was able to enjoy my first sip of wine….ahhhh perfect! And then as quick as I was enjoying the break from reality… environment changed before my glass even left my lips.  Suddenly the bar was over flowing with people….Where did they come from? By the time MC showed up there was only one bar stool left (which was now occupied with someone’s take-out order), and barely enough room for her to squeeze into the seat.

Well just like that, the atmosphere changed from calm and relaxing to loud, noisy and busy.  As I looked around and tried to grasp the fact that there was now a line at the hostess station as patrons were waiting to be seated for dinner.  I noticed the exposed open kitchen concept with its wood fired brick oven….How did I not see that when I walked in?  I guess this is why I am taking a time out and stopping for a drink!

Realizing the time, we decided to order something to eat.  I couldn’t help but focus on the flaming brick oven….You CANNOT eat pizza in Connecticut unless it is prepared in a brick oven!  So yes, I had to try the pizza.  Being somewhat experienced in the art of “pizza making” considering my husband owns a mobile brick oven pizza business ( 😉 plug plug. I can say that mastering the crust is key according to my husband.  I actually grew up in the Midwest and had never heard of thin crust… but I have grown to love it!   I am not much of a cheese person sooooo…..I was so excited to see the Marinara Pizza, which had no mozzarell.  As our drinks were replenished, our food was simultaneously placed in front of us.

The pizza was picture perfect and the crust was spot on, crisp and tasty.  The sauce was my favorite type of pizza sauce, just a fresh pomadoro (fresh tomato) sauce, garlic and basil.  Delish!


Only one complaint, raw garlic! One lesson to be learned, when placing garlic on anything it should be roasted or have enough time to cook through!  Luckily, the garlic was sliced and easily avoided.  Other than that it was perfect!

MC ordered the Chicken Pâté which was a beautiful presentation.  The Pâté was presented in it’s own sealed jar and served with freshly prepared seasoned pita and radish.  Call me old fashioned, but I do prefer pate to also accompany Cornichons (those tiny French sour pickles). That’s just me…. 🙂


This was a very limited critique; but I thought I would share my experience with you.  And if you are ever in Westport Connecticut I would recommend stopping by for a drink and then some…..


I do suggest that you get there early….What I thought to be an empty restaurant, turned out to be a full house!

The menu is filled with an eclectic seafood/Italian fare.

Until next time….eat…drink…and be merry! 😉


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