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Who doesn’t like ICED COFFEE?

Iced coffeeIced coffeeiced

Starting in early April and ending sometime during the first frost, every morning my day starts with an extra large iced coffee.  It is my favorite summer time beverage except for seltzer…… and wine…..and Champagne…..and except for vodka gimlets…okay it’s up there!

When friends stop over in the morning it is always with a surprised look on their face when I offer them an iced coffee; which comes with a choice of flavor to their liking.  It is so simple everyone should have a reserve in their fridge for a quick on the go pick me up!

Even though I like my hot coffee black, I do prefer my iced coffee to be creamy and slightly sweet.

Here is my brew.

iced ingredients

What you will need:

Quart size canning jar with lid


Pure Cane Sugar Cubes (or your favorite sweetener)

Heavy Cream

coffee flavoring or flavored coffee if you prefer a hint of flavor


Grab a quart size *canning jar with lid (recycled sauce jar also works) and drop in 5 sugar cubes.  You will have to adjust to your taste.  I prefer natural sugar from pure cane’; Artificial sweeteners tend to be sweeter. Now add 4 cups of hot coffee and let stand for approximately 15 minutes.  Make sure sugar has dissolved and close with lid and chill for at least an hour.  I always brew my coffee the night before.

Remove coffee from fridge and shake well (sediment will form at the bottom) and poor over ice add heavy cream stir and you are ready to start the day!


Everyone in my family likes a different flavored coffee so I found these coffee drops made by that are perfect! I prefer them over any type of flavored syrups that are way to heavy and sweet.  And by using these drops you control the amount of flavoring, unlike flavored coffee grounds with a hint of flavoring.


My daughter chooses to flavor hers with coconut flavoring while my son prefers caramel crème.  Me? I get a little crazy and add a drop of French vanilla a drop of hazelnut and a drop of caramel nut!

Have fun what ever your favorite flavor is! And don’t forget to offer your next morning guest with a cup of iced Joe! It so popular in my house I usually have a minimum of 2 quarts in my fridge at all times!



*Canning jars are great because they are made to withstand heat and come with a tight fitting lid.

6 comments on “Who doesn’t like ICED COFFEE?

  1. Kelly Grindall
    May 23, 2013

    The best iced coffee i’ve ever had! I didn’t even like iced coffee until i had this and fell in love


  2. Michael DeVito
    May 23, 2013

    This is the best iced coffee I have ever had! Everyone should look into this recipe and try this delicious mix!


  3. Tyler Woodward
    June 20, 2013

    This is by far the best iced coffe I’ve ever had. Creat taste


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