eat….drink….and be merry….it makes life better!

Welcome to my Blog

Let’s see, where do I begin? Or what should my first post be about?…..ME!

My name is Nini, I live in Connecticut with my three children, three dogs and my husband of 20 something years.  I am a hockey mom, dance (ballet) mom, and a LAX (Lacrosse) mom.  My oldest is a Senior in College, my next is a Junior in High School, and my youngest is a Freshman in High School….WOW! Saying that out loud makes me feel old!

Why have I started a Blog? Truth is, I am/and always have been a very very particular eater (my husband might use the word “picky”) That being said, I have created my own recipes over the years to satisfy my palate. On several occasions, I have been asked to share my recipes and I tried and failed. When you don’t measure ingredients, it is very hard to explain the process and expect someone else to have the same outcome as you. Then it struck me, these recipes that are all in my head will….well…die with me….So, I started writing them down as I cooked and then I started taking pictures thinking I would write a Cookbook. As I started gathering notes and pictures, a friend suggested why not a Blog?….And……Wallah!….Here I am…BLOGGING!!

So, sit back grab a glass of wine, read, cook, eat, drink and ENJOY!

Oh yeah, feel free to post a comment or question, and I will reply.



6 comments on “Welcome to my Blog

  1. Cindy
    April 27, 2013

    Beautifully done!
    I love it!
    I have fond memories of enjoying eating w/you. As does Fred – pizza fondue sticks out the most to him.
    I’m anxious awaiting more recipes ….
    Again -great job on the blog!
    Cindy Lyden


    • Nini
      April 27, 2013

      Thanks SO much Cindy – I remember when you came to visit Karena and I, and made the most delightful potpourri as well as a delicious Mexican dip! That was a great weekend!


  2. Stacie
    April 27, 2013

    Great job so far! I am ready for some of your recipes…I must take after you and grandma just go by taste don’t measure 😉


    • Nini
      April 27, 2013

      Thanks Stace! It definitely runs in the family!


  3. Kevin Kaatz
    April 27, 2013

    Your blog looks great! Can’t wait to try some of your recipes. I know how it goes with the measuring thing–I hardly cook with measuring spoons anymore, but it makes it really hard to give the recipe to someone!


    • Nini
      April 27, 2013

      Thanks Kevin! I know I inherited the no measuring thing from my mom.


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